Sheila Rice is a teacher and a Southerner. Raised in the Deep South, she grew up listening to

regional stories about life in the South and the mysteries that sometimes are unexplainable.

Born in Hollywood, Florida, her childhood was less than ideal. Her parents both died when she was a young age

and she faced poverty, abuse and neglect. “I am thankful for every experience that I have had in my life.

Those experiences have made me who I am. There is no child that comes into my room that I can’t empathize with.”

Adopted by a loving mother and raised in Nashville, Georgia, she finally had a life she had only seen on television or read of in books.

She graduated from the Berrien High School in 1978. She then went on to attend Georgia Military College and Valdosta State University

in the neighboring town of Valdosta, Georgia. A Cum Laude graduate and named “Outstanding Student Teacher in her

graduating class she had numerous job offers but chose to go home to Berrien County to teach.

A busy life and desire to be available for her family helped make the decision to complete her Master’s Degree online.

Nova Southeastern University was her choice and she completed her degree in Elementary Math.

As a teacher, she has been inspired in innumerable ways.

“Children have a way of touching us in so many precious and perfect ways. They make us creative, give us joy and make us laugh!

We laugh a lot in my classroom. When learning is fun sometimes they don’t even realize they are learning.”

A 2000 recipient of Teacher of the Year for her school system, her love and devotion to her students was recognized.

In 2012 she received her Master Teacher certification validating again her dedication and willingness to do

“whatever it takes” to help her students be successful.


She continues to teach third grade in Berrien County, Georgia.